Nine Small Space Storage Solutions

Not everyone is fortunate to have wide, open spaces at their disposal. People living in tiny homes, studio apartments, or limited square footage know how hard it is to keep clutter at bay in a small living area, and minimizing the “stuff” just doesn’t make enough of an impact. Yeah, talk about living an interior organization nightmare!

And while small-space living isn’t without its advantages (think cozy, easy to clean, and easy to find anything gone missing), a little nest and storage don’t really go hand-in-hand.

Find a home for everything that stands in the way of your living space– check out these nine small space storage ideas and put an end to that “cluttered” way of living!

Wall Shelves are Life Buoys

Organize books, trinkets, and toys neatly off the ground–on wall shelves! Choose shelves that can be installed in rows. Floating shelves can be tucked in small nooks or used to line your wall for a room with massive storage. Just take note that you’ll still need a strategy in organizing– stick with a theme and avoid placing every book, toy, or knick-knack on the wall (yeah, don’t let it lead to another cluttered chaos)!

Go for Tables with Hidden Storage

Choose a coffee table that offers internal storage for your cluttered living rooms. You can also opt for tables with doors that open into space where you can conveniently store “eye-sore” cords, chargers, and other devices.

Benches and Footstools are your Friends

A small house can’t really accommodate lots of seating, but getting your home some padded benches or footstools can take care of that dilemma and give you that extra storage space, too. Go and maximize the efficiency of cramped living spaces– no one will know what’s inside those cute seats!

Clear Plastic Drawer units for your Closets

Do you lack enough storage space in your closet? Use clear plastic drawer units as extra storage! These containers will be a perfect solution for socks, hosiery, and undergarments, among other things. You can even add decorative tags to let you know its content.

Use Shoe Racks

Don’t throw your shoes into the closet or on your floors haphazardly! Take the time to organize them using over-the-door shoe organizers and save yourself some much-needed space!

Put some Hooks in

While we know you’re not storing ties, belts, coats, towels, pots, and pans all in the same place (fingers crossed!), these items can all be organized using the same tool: HOOKS. Put up some hooks in strategic areas and keep all the rooms in your home neat and tidy!

Plastic Containers for Small Toys

Oh, the kids’ room. Yes, cleaning up your children’s clutter EVERY SINGLE DAY is quite a chore, but with those little toy pieces, it can become a NIGHTMARE. Take control of the mess and store all those small toys in labeled plastic tubs! Keep separate containers for different toys– action figures, dolls, building blocks, cars, etc. Doing it this way will create an organizational system that makes clean-up easier for kids, too.

Use Baskets as Stylish Storage

Baskets are so pretty and versatile you can use them as stylish storage for your home! Hang them to store items in your living room, bathroom, or kitchen– it’s like investing in “decorative pieces” that take care of your clutter. Truly amazing!

Choose Items that can do Double-Duty

Speaking of functional pieces, there are tons of home items that can serve two or more purposes! Always shop for multi-purpose storage items to maximize the organizational function of each area inside your home!

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