May 7: 9 Fun Mother’s Day Activities You Can Do at Home

Even though most could say that there are parts of life that have reached some normalcy, the typical Mother’s Day celebrations that you have enjoyed in the past– a long road trip, Mother’s Day brunch, or a lavish spa day– may still not be a viable option this year. Nevertheless, a doting, long-distance (or socially-distanced) daughter or son can’t let the day pass without honoring the most important woman in their lives, so we’ve figured out nine creative ways to connect with Mom or Grandma at home!

Check out these thoughtful ideas you can do for Mother’s Day and show your mom some love on her special day! And note that whatever you choose to do, take heart that your mother will find joy in feeling appreciated and loved.

Breakfast in bed

Start off Mom’s special day with a menu of her breakfast favorites delivered on a tray right to her bed! She’ll love waking up to her favorite brekky, that’s for sure!

Make a “For Mom” playlist

Various songwriters across all genres have been writing songs about mothers throughout the years. So, for Mother’s day, take time to make the perfect playlist for your mom with the best Mother’s day songs you can find to remind her just how much you appreciate her.

Watch a Mother-Daughter movie

Most of us have spent plenty of time parked in front of the television, so doing it ‘alongside’ your mom can also be a fun Mother’s Day activity you can do with her! Go the extra mile and get her a mug and a cozy pair of socks in advance, along with your proposed tune-in time of a favorite movie. You’ll get extra brownie points for doing this, that’s for sure!

Flip through old photo albums

Sorting through family photos has more meaning for mom than you think! Old photo albums highlight favorite moments together from the past– like family vacations, birthday parties, holidays, and more. So, ask your mom to flip through old family photo albums together and relive those blissful times– but get ready with some tissues because it’s going to be an emotional activity for you both!

Bake together

If your mom has a passion for baking, then show her some love by baking a gorgeous cake for the whole family–together! There are tons of cake recipes for Mother’s Day that you can check out in advance so you can shop for ingredients beforehand.

Host a (virtual) Bingo Night

Does your mom love to play traditional games like Bingo? Treat her to a fun Bingo night by hosting it yourself! You can do it in-person and invite some of her closest friends, or use a website where she and the rest of the family can play virtual Bingo games and the like.

Rent your mom’s dream car for a day

We know there are still A LOT of places you can’t go, but if you have the luxury of time (and if you’re in an area with fewer restrictions), surprise your mom by taking her for a spin in a car she’s always dreamed of driving.

Help with the chores

Moms are always busy bees inside the house, so if you’re able to, volunteer to lend her a helping hand with her chores for the day (or the week!). She’ll appreciate your help and effort.

Cook a favorite family recipe

Considering Mom probably taught you your way around the kitchen, prepare your family’s favorite recipe and celebrate Mother’s Day in a simple but special way. Not only will you give her some time off by doing all of the cooking, but you’re also saving some money by eating in instead of booking a reservation at some fancy resto.

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