Set-Up The Perfect Reading Nook Inside Your Home

With our hectic, stressful schedules, a task-free afternoon or even just five minutes to breathe and recuperate is a luxury. And most of the time, creating spaces in our homes for peaceful activities like reading books, sweeping through stacks of magazines, or putting a clay mask on while meditating, can serve as reminders to take it easy and find time for ourselves amid the chaos.

Setting up a reading nook of your own can achieve this goal. Although most people find a soft chair, plush pillow, and an ottoman enough of an invitation to crack open a new read, a dedicated reading nook can be a safe place to sit and take a breather. It can be a corner or an entire room inside your home, dedicated to your needs and unique personality. To get you started, here are some nine easy ways to create that perfect little spot:

Go for soft materials

If you’ll be spending your precious “break time” in this nook, then incorporating soft materials is a must. Nothing says “cozy” more than a chair you can sink into! Play with faux fur throws or knitted blankets and choose a chair that feels sumptuous to the touch– match it with a textured throw pillow along with personal bits of decor, like family photos or wall hangings brought back from a vacation, and you’re good to go!

Create space for two

If you’re the type who loves reading or relaxing in the company of a significant other, friend, or a pet, bring a loveseat (or a small couch) into your reading book. Nothing feels better than sitting with a pile of comfy throw pillows and the person you love the most!

Put a bookshelf in

A home library that puts the one in Beauty and the Beast to shame sounds like a dream, but if you’re working with a small space, such as a window seat, then flanking your reading nook with a built-in bookshelf is the best option for now. In any case, the books are the real star of the show and not the shelves, right?

Incorporate a pop of color

Anyone will agree that color has the power to inspire happiness instantly. So if your reading nook is intended to be your “happy place,” then a soft punch of color might be just what you need! Choose vibrant and cheery palettes for your nook, and watch your smile shine the brightest!

An empty bedroom corner will do

Remember that the perfect reading nook doesn’t require a lot of space (unless you want it to), and a random, empty corner of your bedroom can be an ideal spot! Just go for a classic reading nook look with a wingback chair, throw pillows in neutral colors and design, and some vintage lighting, and you’re ready to read the morning newspaper!

You can forgo the chair

Did you know that, sometimes, a reading nook doesn’t need a chair? Of course, it depends on the space your working on and the theme you want to achieve. If you’re going for a Boho look, then a throw blanket, some pillows, a colorful carpet, and some accent designs will do!

Save space for impromptu naps

We did mention that a reading nook doesn’t have to be just for reading. It can be your official spot to unwind and recharge, a place where you can occasionally take a nap or spend some time for yourself. Set up a scene for reading and snoozing through a lounge chair, comfy pillows, a blanket, and even a modern mobile fit for adults.

Set up a gallery wall

There will always be a time when your mind just wants to wander off after a good read, so take in the scenery around you and make it a beautiful one through a gallery wall with your best-loved pieces like vintage signs, old photographs, and other treasures that make you smile.

Add a jungle of houseplants

It’s scientifically proven that plants can uplift our spirits, so bring the outside in and improve your mood by surrounding yourself with a group of relaxing green houseplants! Some plants even add to the aesthetics of your nook, so choose your favorite ones and make this spot your haven after a long, tiring day.

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Our hectic schedules can be stressful😫 at times and creating a space where you can relax💁‍♀️ and unwind inside your home🏠 serve as a reminder❗ to take it easy and find time for ourselves amid the chaos.☯

Set up that perfect reading nook📚 and make it a “happy place”😍 where your thoughts can run free in 9⃣ easy steps!

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