9 Tips for a Safe Spring Break Travel

Who here is planning to travel this Spring break? Yeah, being cooped up for a year due to COVID has left many of us lusting for a chance to travel somewhere, and we mean, ANYWHERE! While the CDC discourages this “bold” move (because, of course, we are still in the middle of a pandemic!), the fact remains that travel is increasing, and these people won’t stop at nothing but to escape their homes, even only for a few days.

So whether you’re looking forward to some sun, sand, and surf or a visit to the snowy Alps, it’s but essential to take note of these nine tips and precautions for a safe trip this Spring break.

Don’t forget THE GEAR

We know you’re all excited to get away and leave these stressors behind (a.k.a. work, home, or school), but keep in mind that we’re still amid a pandemic, and we can’t pretend it’s not a real thing even while we’re on Spring break. So pack your masks, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, and a thermometer! Yes, this virus is all too tiring, but it will become a thing of the past soon (fingers crossed!).

Know the rules and regulations before your trip

Destinations have specific requirements for traveling in and out of the area, so make sure to find out the rules for your chosen vacay destination. Arrange and comply beforehand so you won’t get stuck and find yourself unable to come back home. Domestic travel is no different, so you’ll want to research the local regulations in the area you plan to visit.

Travel by car if you can

Traveling by car is safer than other means of travel during a pandemic simply because you’re not packed together with a bunch of strangers. However, long road trips mean you’ll be stopping for all sorts of breaks along the way, so there’s a chance for interaction with other people and contact with contaminated surfaces, so always use a disinfecting wipe and wash your hands immediately after any stop. Bring plenty of snacks and drinks along, too!

Observe safety precautions if traveling by plane

Flying is highly discouraged, but if you’re planning to anyway, always follow the safety rules put in place at airports and on airlines– wear masks at all times and social distance. Have some sanitizing wipes along in your carry-on and wipe down your seating area, seat belt, and tray table before you settle in. It’s also ideal to use your hand sanitizer often for the whole duration of the flight.

Avoid any large gatherings or public events

It goes without saying that any large gatherings, events, and festivals are still prohibited, even during Spring break! Avoid attending any event where social distancing is impossible or unlikely.

Resist the urge to dine in restaurants

Almost everyone loves eating out– most especially while on vacation. However, being in an enclosed space without adequate ventilation, seated near people without masks eating, drinking, talking, and laughing… ay ay ay!

If you’re feeling adamant about dining out, choose a restaurant that has outdoor dining. Ordering take-out is also an option. If you have cooking facilities at your lodging, you can make your meals and stay in to eat. Not as much fun, but definitely safer.

Choose the outdoors

Always remember that the more time spent outdoors, the better. When choosing a destination, opt for a place where you will have lots of outdoor activity options.

Practice social distancing wherever you are

This one is quite self-explanatory. No matter which destination you choose, never be too complacent in practicing social distancing. You may be going on a ski trip or trying to get away from the cold and snow by heading to a sunny beach locale– wherever you are, keep at least six feet away from others.

Keep a keen eye out

It has been a year, ladies and gents. We have endured a lot, and we’re tired – mentally and physically. Yes, COVID fatigue is real! And while vaccines have started to roll out, we’re not in the clear yet. You may be tempted to let your guard down, but being too relaxed and comfortable may end up costing you a fun vacation at the very least. Stay vigilant, Protect yourself and others while having a spectacular and safe spring break.

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