9 Ways To Give Your Living Room A Boho Vibe

Even with a plethora of interior design styles to explore, bohemian décor seems to be the one most homeowners gravitate to. The famous interior design style carries a certain vibe of coolness and maintains a relaxed ambiance with its vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, so it’s not surprising to see it hang-in-there for years.

The daring, visual accents with metallic surfaces, flowery patterns, and retro swank designs– these are all timeless and help liberate the psyche of the populace in the 21st century. And while technology may have allowed great advances, the soul still requires expression, and Bohemianism lets us release it throughout our homes.

Let this shabby chic style into your homes, and check out these nine ideas on how to give your living room a timeless Boho vibe.

Let natural light in

Do you prefer a fresh, straightforward Bohemian style? Make use of your large windows and let plenty of natural light in to do the trick! Incorporate some natural light wood, plants, and bamboo into your styling to reflect that natural light, putting a spotlight on the bohemian energy in the room.

Tie-dye does wonders

Tie-dye anything, and it immediately gives off a bohemian vibe. Adopt this colorful technique to make your laid-back décor bohemian chic.

Choose some stylish accent rugs

Most people think covering your floor with accent rugs is wrong, but if you’re going for a bohemian vibe, it hits the right spot! Throw different patterns together in a variety of rich shades, and you’re good to go!

Go for floor seating

Don’t be afraid to take your seating to the floor! Sitting on the floor on a soft pillow creates a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Place a low coffee table for your small oddities while lounging on the floor pillows. Complete the look by adding a stack of interesting reads or colorful artwork on the floor.

Build a table top collection

Are you a fan of peculiar items? Place them on your coffee table together with lovely stones in ceramic, ware trays, and other natural components!

Group your candles

Exotic candles are always a good addition, especially the colorful ones you find at outdoor markets. Put them all in a group and make us of differing shapes, heights, and scents. Oops, don’t forget the incense!

Classic is best

Remember those tenebrous wood, floral wallpaper, multi-hued curtains, and lamps? Yes, these classics still create that perfect bohemian look if you use the right colors and textures.

Add some accent pillows

Accents and bohemianism go together, so make sure to use those accent pillows to achieve the perfect vibe. Large ones, small ones, velvet, pillows with needlepoint, or floral embroideries, they all work. Ottomans also work well with your theme.

Crochet is the icing on the cake

Crochet throws are undeniably the benchmark of bohemian interior décor. Buy one (or knit it yourself) in multiple colors and throw it on your sofa and accent chairs, and curate that Boho look you’ve been dreaming of!

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