9 Stylish Ways to Welcome Spring into Your Home

The new season calls for you to update your rooms, and the fun and vibrant colors of Springtime offer great potential for a host of amazing home decor ideas. Embracing new hues, themes, and prints can give your home the fun makeover that it needs, and with just a few simple accessories and fresh patterns, you can transition your home from the last (gloomy!) season to one that signals hope, second chances, and new beginnings.

Revamp your abode with these nine stylish tips, and welcome Spring into your home.

You can never go wrong with fresh Spring flowers

With all these beautiful fresh flowers blooming around, it’s impossible not to give in to the urge to bring some of these beauties indoors to put in different areas of your home! Flowers provide an instant lift to any space, and a well-thought-out bouquet will go perfectly with your fresh Spring decors, may it be in your living room, dining area, bedroom, and even your bathroom! Make sure to pick a single color or bloom and cut them short, and place them in a short rounded vase or pot.

Go retro

Retro styling is a trend currently building a major buzz this Spring 2021. Embrace this style by incorporating vintage hues like yellow, brown, and orange and create the ultimate backdrop to a mid-century styled home

Add some handmade crafts and antique items to the mix

Spring is, indeed, a season for DIY crafts. Go out and pick some acorns and DIY some table decors for your home, or give your local thrift shop a visit and scout some antique finds you can restyle or repurpose!

Salvage and upcycle

Going with the salvage trend allows you a home decor style that a lot of fun to work with. Reclaim and upcycle previously cherished and used furniture and find a new use for it! With a few dabbles, you can transform that old glass bottle into a trendy lamp vase, and those old crates will make for great shelving units!


Repainting is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to update your space, and let me tell you, its impact can be quite dramatic! Choose Springtime hues that make you feel happy– you can repaint the ceiling, accent wall, the entire room, or the door. After all, Spring is all about fun and colors!

Get funky with diffrent elements

Spring is the most eclectic of seasons, so it’s time to release all that funkiness inside of you! Spruce up your space by bringing different elements together. Go for bright vases, citrus colors, spunky pillow patterns, among other elements, and watch your Spring home come alive!

Give your space punches of yellow

Yellow is the unofficial color of Spring, so be sure to place a large bowl or glass vase with lemons to bring an instant and elegant style into your kitchen for this season!

Change up your pillows

Yes, like with any other home makeovers, it’s time to dress up those throw pillows with some new, brightly colored pillow covers!

Keep everything airy and well-lit

It’s time to remove your heavy drapes and curtains, people! Replace them with some new sheer materials like lace or voile, and watch your space instantly feel light and inviting, ready for the Spring season!

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