Best of the Best: 9 Spring Destinations To See In Your Lifetime

Spring is taking over the world, one fragrant, colorful mirage at a time, and we can honestly see why it’s one of the most well-loved seasons. It’s the time when nature wakes up to give people around the globe more reasons to spend long days outside of their homes– or maybe, just maybe, travel and explore a new foreign destination.

Spring travelers, you are in for a treat! Behold the world’s top nine Spring destinations to put on the bucket list for your next escapades!

Washington, USA

Thousands of visitors come to Skagit Valley every Spring to witness the beauty of its Tulip Festival. Situated on the slopes of Mount Baker, the famous valley turns into a picturesque, colorful landscape once the Spring season takes over.

Watch the flowers start to blossom and join in on a fun Spring celebration with various activities and events in Washington, USA!

Tokyo, Japan

The blossoming of Japan’s Sakuras sparks a grand Spring celebration the whole country has been highly anticipating. Explore Japan by bus or train and take part in the famous Cherry Blossom Festivals situated in different parts of the country– the best one (or so they say) being the Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival in Tokyo.

Umbria, Italy

Castelluccio in Umbria, Italy, maybe an undiscovered Spring destination, but it can easily turn into your favorite one! Found in the middle of Italy, in the Apennines, Castelluccio is loved by skiers in the winter and wins over Spring lovers’ hearts when it gets covered in thousands of blooming, colorful flowers during the Spring season.

Provence, France

Provence is among the most popular regions of France, and a trip to the beautiful sanctuary is best enjoyed in Spring!

See wonderful blossoming trees in Ménerbes and allow your feet to explore the vibrant Lavender fields scattered all around Provence. It’s going to be a memorable trip for sure!

Hwasun County, South Korea

Ah yes, the view of the Seryang Je Lake in Spring is magical! The trees blossom in various colors and reflect in the lake’s clear water. The various green tea fields scattered around South Korea are also a sight to see during Spring– truly the perfect Spring travel destination!

Christchurch, New Zealand

Spring is, indeed, the best time of the year to visit New Zealand. As the ski season is still coming to an end during this time, the Southern Alps and mountains are majestic with their snow covering. Adventure seekers will find great thrill in white water rafting as the mountain snows start to melt. Spring lovers will also witness new flowers and leaves starting to appear in several magnificent gardens and parks located around the country, particularly in the green gardens of Christchurch, aptly named “the Garden City.”

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is a classic inclusion on any list of the best Spring destinations for its flowers and incredible fields.

Head to Amsterdam and enjoy tulip fields covering the countryside at Keukenhof Gardens, just 40 minutes from the city. You’ll find the local flower markets full of brightly colored bulbs so you can get up close with the famous flowers. When the weather gets too cold for you to handle, hide from the chill by visiting the Van Gogh museum, a place that shows you how a famous painter was inspired by the local beauty.

Pacific Northwest, USA

Explore the stunning canyon that stretches for 130 km along the Columbia River Gorge, and witness its extra charm brought to you by the changing season.

Enjoy thousands of sunflowers in its unspoiled surroundings– the breathtaking landscape is truly worth the trip!

Bonn, Germany

If you think that Sakuras only bloom in Asia, you thought wrong! In Bonn, Germany, the blossoming trees create an incredible tunnel avenue that locals and visitors take time to spend at, admiring the old town and the vibrant trees. Indeed, the Europeans have embraced the Asian Cherry Blossom festivals– in their own way!

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Spring💐 is taking over the world🌎, one fragrant, colorful mirage at a time, and there’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to get out of the house🏠 to explore– or maybe travel to a new foreign destination!✈

Spring travelers👫, here are the world’s 9⃣ Spring destinations🌺 for your next escapade🚗– experience the blooming season like you’ve never had before!😍

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