Get Yourself Spring-Ready With These 9 Easy Tips

Our favorite season has been here for almost two weeks, and yet most of us haven’t really gotten ourselves ready for what’s to come, physically, emotionally, and mentally! Yes, we survived Winter’s challenging iced-cold weather, and now it’s time for some change– so push get yourself out from hibernation and shake those winter blues away!

Here are nine tips for some inspiration to get you (completely) ready for Spring. Revitalize your home and life, jumpstart your health routine, and prepare for a whole new chapter (raise your hand if you’re a sucker for new beginnings).

Step outside of your house

You’ve spent long winter days at home, hibernating with your hot tea, book, and Netflix, and now Spring calls for a different program! Get your walking shoes out from hiding and face the outside world! Find a new rooftop terrace or outdoor cafe, go to the market, see those beautiful cherry blossoms, refresh the garden, walk alongside nature, or book a quick weekend getaway. You may not know it yet, but you need it and deserve it!

Go for a clean diet

Spring is always associated with cleaning, so go ahead and start with your diet! One of the easiest ways to spring clean your diet is to add colorful vegetables and fruits, as it helps ensure you’re getting plenty of different vitamins and minerals. Radish, carrot, strawberries, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, spring onions, fresh herbs – the more color you eat, the better.

Get your body moving

Not everyone is too keen on the idea of committing to regular workouts or playing sports, but it’s not uncommon. Even self-proclaimed fitness junkies have a hard-time getting a fitness routine started after months of staying indoors.

Jumpstart your healthy Spring season lifestyle by trying to rebuild a workout habit. Ease into it and commit to a routine for the next few months. To up your interest, don’t limit yourself to the boring gym (if you do find it boring!). Explore, and you’ll find your heart’s desire.

Roam local farmers’ markets

Roam your local farmers’ market and show them your support! Eating locally and seasonally is the best thing we can do for both our bodies and the environment because it ensures that the products we buy are fresh, naturally-grown, and most likely didn’t travel through half the world to reach our tables.

Fight that Spring fatigue

Have you been feeling fatigued lately? It’s completely normal! Just like nature, our bodies also adjust to seasonal changes. Our lack of sunshine, vitamins, exercise all contribute to the depletion of our energy levels at the end of winter, so make sure to increase your Vitamin C, vitamins of the B group, magnesium, and iron either in supplements or natural forms. Add some chia seeds, maca powder, ginger, goji berries to your morning green smoothie. You can also try diffusing some energizing essential oils, like peppermint or lemongrass, for that extra oomph!

Put your wardrobe in Spring mode

Organizing your wardrobe for Spring isn’t just for those who don’t have enough space to store seasonal clothes all in the same space. Take this time to go over your current wardrobe and check which ones you’d like to donate and hold onto. Make a visual of what you’ll be wearing in the coming months and make your seasonal shopping list accordingly. Check through what you already have to avoid going overboard in buying new clothes.

Start Spring cleaning

Most people dread the thought of doing some Spring cleaning, viewing it as some sort of obligation or a necessary evil for obvious health reasons. But on a more positive note, it can also be a ritual welcoming a new chapter in your life. Get your home ready for spring by doing a whole weekend of cleaning, organizing, and decluttering. If you get too overwhelmed to the point of desperation by the amount of things-to-do, make it easier by breaking it down into smaller projects.

Pile up some SPF

It’s always SPF time, but now that the sun’s out, we better lather on a few more! Sun protection is important for our skin and health, and it’s but mandatory to choose a sunscreen product that gives us enough!

Get a side hustle

Trying to keep up with side projects was a drag during winter because of our lack of energy and inspiration. But now that Spring is finally here, all of that’s about to change! Longer hours, more sunlight, a general feeling of freshness and new energies – Spring is the ideal time to get going with your hustling. Take these couple of months until the summer vacation begins to plan, work, and create.

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Spring🌷 has been here for almost two weeks, but can you honestly say that you’re ready for what’s to come, physically, emotionally, and mentally?🤔🙅‍♀️ Get yourself Spring-ready💐👍 with these 9⃣ easy tips and push get yourself out from Winter hibernation!💪

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