The World’s Nine Craziest Easter Traditions

Easter is here once again! The only holiday where we stuff ourselves with copious amounts of chocolate brought about by small, furry hopping mammals, hunt for colorful eggs, and attend bonnet parades. For some, it is also a time of great religious significance, dedicated worshippers who gather to celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection.

Indeed, people observe various Easter traditions worldwide, but in some selected places, there are outrageously unique Easter traditions being practiced that most aren’t even aware of! Grab your snacks for this fun read– here are The World’s Nine Craziest Easter Traditions!

Whip-cracking (Czech Republic and Slovakia)

Women living in the Czech Republic or Slovakia avoid going outdoors on Easter Monday to save themselves from getting ‘lightly’ whipped by local men and boys roaming the streets with gaily decorated willow switches, usually adorned with ribbons. They say the whipping is not as painful, and it’s an act to promote good health and beauty, but we think most women would feel otherwise.

Butter Lambs (Russia)

Easter meals in Russia are accompanied by a knob of butter shaped into a lamb. Why a lamb, you ask? Well, they say you can be sure it’s not Satan in disguise. The Old Beelzebub can take on all animal forms, except the lamb, because of its religious symbolism. In fact, in ancient times, it was considered a lucky omen to meet a lamb!

Gigantic Easter omelettes (France)

Easter Mondays in France comprise of Haux residents cracking more than 4,500 eggs into a giant pan to create the world’s biggest Easter omelet that serves more than 1,000 people! Families break the eggs in their homes early in the morning and gather in the main square where all the eggs are cooked for lunch (and dinner, and breakfast the next day, yeah, it can go on and on)

Water-splashing (Hungary)

Easter Sunday is water-splashing time for women living in Hungary! They dress up in traditional clothes and get splashed with water. Yeah, it might be an uncomfortable tradition, but it sure is better than getting whipped!

Easter witches (Finland)

Easter is an early Halloween for children in Finland as they dress up as witches and wander the streets with broomsticks in a hunt for treats. The Easter tradition is said to have originated from the belief that witches would fly to Germany and cavort with Satan, and bonfires are meant to scare them away.

Tobacco Easter trees (Papua New Guinea)

Chocolates aren’t big in the steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea, so come Easter, their trees are adorned with sticks of tobacco and cigarettes instead! Yeah, these are handed out to everyone after the church service.

Crucifixion and flagellation (Philippines)

Philippine devout Catholics practice self-rucifixion and self-flagellation on Easter, as they believe these acts help them purify and cleanse them of the sins of the world. While the Roman Catholic church is not keen on the idea, the practice is discouraged without much success.

Red Easter eggs (Greece)

While half of the world is familiar with multi-colored, decorated Easter eggs, in Greece, you’ll find they only color it in one distinct hue: Red! They say Red is the color of life, as it represents the blood of Christ. In Greece’s ancient times, eggs also symbolize the renewal of life, and the message of red eggs is victory over death.

Crime time (Norway)

Yes, you read it right! Easter is crime time in Norway! But it’s nothing like what you watch in suspense movies like The Purge.

Television channels run crime shows, and a slew of new detective novels await to be published just before Easter. People across the country hibernate in their mountain cabins to spend the weekend with the “Whodunnit” television shows or books. This phenomenon was influenced by the immense popularity of a crime novel in 1923, set on the Bergen railway.

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