9 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy this Weekend

If every parent took a shot of truth serum, most, if not all, will spill how stressful it can be to be coop up with their youngsters during the weekends. And it doesn’t mean they love them any less– the truth is, it’s just really exhausting to juggle both housework and keeping these little ones entertained. And it becomes twice the task if we’re dealing with kids below seven.

Parents, don’t be too hard on yourself. Go and cut yourself and your kids some slack and set a flexible agenda you can both follow. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with taking mini-breaks to breathe. You can choose from a full array of strategies to keep your kids engaged and out of trouble. To help you out, here are a few low-maintenance solutions you can try with the kids this weekend.

Give them a Lego challenge

What kid doesn’t love his/her Legos? Lego kits are a great way to keep your older children in their place for a few hours, but they’ll inevitably DEMAND help if they get stuck at Step 35, so better let them enjoy their builds the old-fashioned way– without any instruction book! Make it more interesting, and launch a competition between the kids. Let them work on their mega-creations throughout the day, and let them compare their finished products as soon as they’re done.

Goals keep them interested

Tasks are interesting and motivating to kids and adults alike. But it gets even more exciting when they have a quantifiable target to achieve (A.K.A. goals!). Give your child an activity and set some goals for her to accomplish at a given period. One great example is allowing her to play for blocks or Play-Doh and asking her to build something out of it that’s as tall as her shoulders! That’ll keep her giddy and excited for sure!

Build a fort

Whether it’s reading, coloring, or taking a nap, everything is loads more fun when you’re doing it inside a fort, especially when we’re talking about kids ages two to six. So, before you start getting some work done, provide a bunch of pillows and sheets (along with strategically placed chairs as sturdy infrastructure to prevent tears of frustration), and task your kids with building a strong fort for themselves to buy yourself additional quiet time.

Art sessions are always a good idea

Ah yes, kiddie art sessions can be considered timeless, but crayons and markers eventually get old. Not to mention, these messy art materials can get dried out, scattered, or smeary easily. And painting? Yeah, that always ends up in a disaster unless you keep a close eye on your child. To avoid all the mess and inconvenience, try less messy art materials on your next art session. Let your kids create pictures with a stylus, scraping away the thin black coating to reveal bright colors underneath. You can also explore whiteboards, chalkboards, and the likes!

Let them play with water

Once your kids get bored with their toys, let them get a little wet! Bring them into the kitchen and fill up the sink with warm water and let their imagination work. Household items like Tupperwares and cups will be a great addition to the mix too!

Delegate chores

Small children feel proud and inspired when you treat them like mini-adults. Give them some chores around the house and keep them busy the whole day. Not only will your kids give you that alone time you need, but giving them different chores is also teaching them a new life skill every day. Depending on a child’s age, this could include sorting out their laundry from the family load, tying their shoes, or even cleaning the windows.

Don’t be afraid of screen time

They say videos are the most reliable babysitter of all time, no matter the child’s age. And though society tells us that it’s bad to expose your young one to “too much” screen time, you shouldn’t feel bad about letting your kids have some, now and then. To lessen that guilt, make sure to choose videos and apps that can be entertaining and educational, and make it a point to check on them and ask them how everything is going. Kid-friendly movies are a good option too!

Take out interesting titles

Influence your kids to be bookworms and curate a good reading list for them! Share with them your favorite reads as a child, or find out their interests and grab some titles related to them. It’s going to be a fun and educational reading session for sure!

Listen to audiobooks

Are your kids still too young to read a book? Try letting them listen to audiobooks while you work! Find a full array of kids ebook subscription apps online that offer regularly updated libraries, most books with a “read to me” option that provides storytime with no adult involvement necessary. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

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