The Ultimate Weekend Cleaning Checklist

Are you planning to hang out in a spotless house over the weekend? It’s almost impossible to invite people over if you haven’t touch-base on any cleaning this week, especially if you don’t intend to spend half of your day-off scrubbing, mopping, and getting everything squeaky-clean! Fortunately, you can condense your weekly cleaning into one super-concentrated Saturday morning chore-run. It’s also going to be much quicker if you can solicit some help from “the housemates” (A.K.A., your loving spouse, and children).

Here’s your two-hour Ultimate Weekend Cleaning Checklist for when you weren’t able to get a week’s cleaning done. We hope it helps make your chores a tad bit easier!

Start with the laundry

Laundry is probably the longest, most time-consuming chore that one has to do, so it should always be at the top of your to-do list. Gather all the dirty laundry (don’t forget the beddings!), separate it into loads, and get the first load going. Make your cycle-end signals audible and transfer loads as soon as you hear the beeps. Start making the beds or fold your clean clothes as they come out of the dryer to avoid a giant mountain of laundry after your cleaning session.

Go on a clutter-clearing frenzy

Clear your floors and surfaces of clutter. You’ll need to plan a strategic attack for that clutter, or you’ll spend all your time wandering around the house in circles, putting stuff in its right place. Put everything inside the empty laundry basket or on your bed so you can move on with other tasks and put the stuff away after you get all the cleaning done.

Dust and clean that glass

It’s always a good idea to start at the top and work your way down. And since you don’t have enough time to do a thorough cleaning, you can leave the knick-knack dusting for another time. Do a general sweep of your duster instead to dislodge any visible dust in trouble spots. After this, you can go around with your favorite glass cleaner and wipe down your mirrors, glass tabletops, glass doors, and shower doors.

Wipe away

Now it’s time to wipe down your surfaces! To start with the abbreviated version, go around and wipe down each bathroom counter, kitchen counter, and other hard surfaces like desks and side tables. Make sure to use a clean rag for each room.

Clean up the bathrooms

If there’s an area in your house that needs most of your time and effort, it would have to be your bathrooms. Clean your toilets thoroughly and give your showers, tub faucets, bathtub ledges, and niches a wipe-down too! Go over your bathroom faucets and soap dispensers with an all-purpose cleaner and a clean rag.

Give that kitchen some attention

Whatever you do, don’t forget your kitchen. Wipe down your appliances and give your fridge a once-over. Make sure to discard old food and wipe any glaring spillage and messes. Straighten up anything that looks disheveled and scrub that sink basin and kitchen faucet!

Vacuum is the key

Your vacuuming schedule is cut in half today, so you’ll have to double the effort. Vacuum common areas, including area rugs, and then vacuum each room in your house. Don’t miss any spots and run through each floor area twice (especially the carpets!).

Mop only where necessary

Since it isn’t going to be a wet-mop-all-the-hard-floors kind of day, you’re probably only going to need to mop the kitchen (it’ll be the dirtiest part of your house anyway). Make sure to use a spray mop for double efficiency.

Fold the clean laundry

You probably have clean, unfolded laundry scattered all over your place (like us!). Don’t neglect this important step. An all-clean house isn’t complete without having all the clean and FOLDED laundry put away. It’ll be a relief to see all your stuff in its proper place, and this last step can help you fully enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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