Start Your Morning Right With These 10 Simple Tips

You hit the snooze alarm on your clock, planning to spend just five more minutes before rousing from your rather short and uncomfortable slumber. You hear the sound of the snooze button again, and the panic sets in, thinking to yourself, “am I going to be late again?”

Jumping out of your bed and into the shower, you throw your clothes on and burn your tongue from hurriedly sipping your scorching hot coffee. The sad ‘morning routine’ ends with you running out of the house with an unkempt appearance and an exhausted look on your face.

Does the scenario sound familiar? Yeah, that’s probably how you and thousands of others typically start their day. And if you’re getting tired of running around with these unhealthy and stressful morning habits, it’s time to make that change!

Make every day a good one with these ten simple tips to start your morning right!

End the night early

You can’t expect to wake up early by hitting the sack in the wee hours of the morning! Keep in mind that our bodies rely on an ample amount of sleep to get important tasks done. Going to sleep at an appropriate time helps us avoid exhaustion and fatigue, which heavily impacts our mental and physical health. A positive morning routine starts with an early night, we always say!

Wake up before you need to

Who’s guilty of hitting the snooze button even when you’re ALREADY awake? Yes, we feel you. It is, most of the time, too difficult to start the day with brimming energy. Let’s focus on waking and getting up earlier to avoid thinking negative thoughts about your day, life, job, and challenges (which is what we often do when we lay around the bed after the nth time of snoozing the alarm!). Waking up early also gives you the time to do what you need to set up your day. Be disciplined enough to make this happen, and it’ll be the best investment of your time!

Meditate and pray

Positivity, prayer, and meditation will motivate you and get you ready for the day. The thing, it won’t even take ten minutes of your time! Choose your favorite inspirational read and allow yourself to still your mind. Prayers and meditation help you stay focused on what’s important and prepare you for the necessary actions you’ll have to take!

Start the day with a glass of water

Most people prefer to start their day with a coffee in hand, as they find it keeps them more alert and focused throughout the day. While this theory is backed up by science, it’s also important to bear in mind that going 8+ hours without water (while sleeping!) can cause minor dehydration, so start your day with a big glass of water! You’ll feel that your body is working and feeling significantly better after that big gulp!

Get your bodies moving

Most of us feel too lazy to start an exercise routine after a long (or short!) sleep, so procrastination isn’t uncommon. Nevertheless, it never hurts to try! Take a walk around the house or jump on a treadmill, do push-ups or sit-ups. It doesn’t matter which exercise you do– JUST DO SOMETHING! Get your body moving and get your mind warmed up with some positive feelings for the day ahead!

Go for a cold shower

Shower time is for positive affirmations. Tell yourself how great you are and how wonderful your life is. It may sound silly at first, but if you try it (with a cold, energizing shower, nonetheless!), you’ll like it, and your confidence will grow over time! The positivity starts with self-love– remember that!

Fill your tummy up with delicious breakfast

Skipping breakfast is one bad habit you have to break! It can contribute to sluggishness and ultimately bring bad vibes throughout the whole day! How can you provide high performance if you don’t have enough fuel for your body? The thing is, you don’t have to go overboard with an Instagram-worthy breakfast spread– have a bowl of cereal with some yogurt and fruit, and you’re good to go!

Organize your thoughts and plan your day

Seize the day with organized plans and schedules! Make it a habit to jot down your tasks for the day, and develop a strategic way of getting things done! By doing so, you’re also able to review and achieve your goals without wasting precious time!

Boost your mood with music

Music can fuel one’s soul, and it can be a positive mood booster if you start your day with it! Create a playlist with all your favorite tunes and have it on your mobile phone or car stereo! Listening to positive audio can keep you grooving to the beat and keep that frown tucked away!

Dress to impress

Remember the bit we said about looking unkempt every morning? Yeah, that is certainly not a good look for you! Feeling good and looking the part goes hand-in-hand. Boosting your confidence requires minimal effort, and it can be as simple as wearing your favorite going-out top or fixing your hair in a decent-looking bun. Be your best, inside and out, and your mood will surely go from sour to sweet cotton candy in an instant!

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Adopt a positive👍 morning routine🌞 and keep that frown tucked away for good! 😞

Not everyone can be a morning person, but all of us can seize the day💪 by starting our mornings🌞 right with these ten simple tips😍

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