10 Color Trends for 2021

It’s inevitable for homeowners to seek professional assistance when it comes to improving their homes, whether they intend to sell, lease, or just to have a change of scenery (you know, without actually moving). Most of the time, with a few simple improvements, the overall appearance of the house changes and achieves an impact that immediately reflects in its aura and the overall feel (and it can influence the sale price, too!).

So, if you’re interested in a small economical renovation that you can do on your own (yes, no professional fee!), a new coat of paint is a great way to make that change! Here are the ten color trends for 2021 that you can use to paint your walls:


Beige comes reigning in with more force and different textures this 2021, which will emphasize a homeowner’s craving for comfort, spaces in which the fleeting presence of certain decorative elements in darker tones stands out, like earth color.

Dark Blue

Fresh and cheerful colors adapt very well to hot climates, and that, partnered up with neutrals, will give your rooms personality and sophisticated warmth. Decorative elements and furniture in ochre tones will produce a divine result.


Shades of orange, browns and earth colors will be your main autumn hues, but if combined gracefully, you may see them popping up during spring, too!


Have you ever thought of painting up an accent wall in your home? Well then, now’s your chance! Choose an intense orange, strong and lively, to fill your mornings with energy, or try a pastel tone, for a more subtle, summery aspect to your room!

Moss Green

Spaces with diverse styles need a very natural color to complement it. Mixed with wood and natural fibers, a color like moss green will help you achieve a balanced decoration and bring a tranquil feeling to your room.


Metallics have been entering our homes for a very long time, but some homeowners usually fear it may clash with the rest of their decorations. Stop overthinking– silver walls, in the right amount, can give off an elegant and original vibe to any corner of your room.


Treat your eyes to refreshing sight. Turquoise is a fresh and bold color that will combine well with neutral hues, and it will always remind you of the calmness of the deep blue sea, too!


Off-white may be one of the most basic and traditional of all colors, but its ability to provide a feeling of comfort and tranquility is indeed undeniable. Emphasize the natural and human element that pure white lacks by choosing off-white for your home’s main hue.


Mustard makes homeowners unable to avoid an unbridled desire for daring colors this year, as it makes its way to the ninth spot of the 2021 Color Trends. Rest assured that it will be one of the unmistakable protagonists of the new decade, and it will be a perfect fit to fill our home with light and life.


Some homeowners want to continue betting on their Nordic and minimalist style, and gray is a fresh color that will go with that unrivaled elegance and approach.

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