10 Fun Weekend Hobbies for Couples

Do you still remember the last time you had a fun bonding moment with your significant other? You know, that didn’t involve blowing through the entire Netflix or excessive smartphone use? Yes, if there’s one good thing that 2020 gave us, it’s the extra time to spend with our family. And now that we have TOO MUCH time on our hands, we’ve run out of things TO DO because we’re with our partners 24/7– and let me tell you, this situation isn’t too uncommon at all!

But how do couples break free from this seemingly never-ending, uneventful, and (quite possibly) relationship-ruining cycle? Discover hobby ideas that you can do together as a couple! Sharing common interests and hobbies serve as a great way to reconnect and develop your bond as a couple while simultaneously creating memories that you can look back on when times get rough.

So, if you’re growing tired of the same weekend routine and want to keep things more interesting, check out our fun list of hobbies for couples to bring you and your beau closer! Whether you’re both looking for new indoor hobbies to do together or prefer to be active and outdoors, this list has got you covered!

Rock Climbing

Risk-taker or not, rock climbing is a great activity to enjoy with your partner! Hit the nearest indoor rock climbing gym for a safe challenge and slip in some workout, too! In any case, wall climbing offers more fun than standard gym equipment, so staying fit won’t feel like a chore!

Book Club for Two

Take your alone time as an opportunity to pick books that you and your partner find interesting. Plow through each read at the same rate and end the session with a rousing discussion of the piece. Doing such activity fosters positive communication and renewed interest in each other’s thoughts and ideas, not to mention it’s a great bonding activity too!


Sometimes changing your living space with exciting, new design elements can be a simple fix to boredom (and romance!). Redecorating is a couple’s hobby where both partners reap its rewards. And when done as a joint endeavor, this activity offers couples an opportunity to have their creative juices flow in the same direction and spruce things up without spending a fortune–on a regular! Talk about living the HGTV fantasy!

Weekend Virtual Wine Tastings

Have you got an unspoken love for vino? Turn it into an opportunity to learn something new and try a recurring weekend virtual wine tasting date! Go and wind down together while sipping the good stuff– wine tastings also offer extra education, which will make your typical evening rituals more interesting!

Fitness Classes

It’s been a known fact that working out releases mood-lifting endorphins, but did you know that it will be instantly enhanced when you exercise alongside your partner? Fitness classes, virtual or otherwise, provide an array of exercise programs that both you and your partner will enjoy. So if you’re looking for a sweat-inducing activity that will help heighten your feelings of love and attraction for one another, try taking some fitness classes!

Board Games

Board games? Really? Well, it turns a rousing game of Clue isn’t just for kids. Studies have shown that even adults can reap benefits from playing. But if you’re not too keen about anything in your current game night rotations, check out newer board games and invest in something new to spice things up! You’ll never know what these grown-up board games have in store for you and your beau!

Cook together

Cooking with someone has always had that intimate and sexy vibe that can foster connection, conversation, and physical closeness. So, if you and your partner have already fallen into an “all-too-familiar” rut (yes, that I’ll do the dishes, you do the cooking routine), you can spice things up by doing some teamwork in the kitchen regularly. The new initiative will surely get you both excited and keep the passion burning!


Gardening is a hobby that’s well worth a try– and work will be done much quicker with a mate on board with the project! Weed, prepare the soil, and plant seasonal produce and flowers on your mini-backyard garden! Make it a bonding session you can work on with your partner during the weekends ( or every day, if time permits!).


Do you have an advocacy or organization you support? Well, it’s high time you and your partner pick up a hobby that benefits the common good, so go ahead and try volunteering on the weekends! Volunteering is not only a good thing to do in the altruistic sense, but it can also improve your mental and physical health, life satisfaction, and social well-being!

Nature Walks

Hit pause on the chaos of daily life by going on nature walks with your partner weekly! Sure it might sound like a boring way to spend your weekends, but the time spent close to nature will be a breath of fresh air for both parties, as will the sense of serenity this activity brings. It’ll also help you realize that everything, no matter how simple, turns out better with the company of your mate.

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Whether you’re both looking for new indoor hobbies🤼‍♀ to do together or prefer to be active and outdoors,🚣‍♀ this list has got you covered!👌

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