Explore The World’s 10 Best Hikes

Adventurers know that hiking is more than what the naked eye can see. It is more than exercise, putting one foot in front of the other for hours (or days at most). It is even more than traveling and seeing beautiful trails and sceneries. Yes, hiking is all of that and more!

Hiking puts us in a deep state of mind and gives us a sense of connection with the entire world. It also allows us to achieve what will probably be the greatest goal in our lives– to explore our breathtaking planet. And if you’re an enthusiast who lives for the outdoors, here’s the ultimate bucket list we’ve made especially for you!

Fuel your dreams and bring the seemingly far-flung world closer to your daily life– here are the ten best hiking spots around the world:

The Zion Narrows (USA)

The Zion Narrows is close to the hearts of hiking enthusiasts for a good reason. Its quintessential slot canyon hike goes on for miles around the North Fork of the Virgin River, surrounded by sheer rock walls and untouched beauty. The most popular way to hike the Narrows is from the bottom-up as you won’t need a permit to go as far as you want to go. But, if you’re looking for an epic hike experience, you may want to hike from the top down, a 16-mile unforgettable adventure!

Tour Du Mont Blanc (Europe)

Explore one of the most popular long-distance walks in Europe, the Tour du Mont Blanc, and get the chance to hike through three (yes, you read it right!) of Europe’s most picturesque countries (France, Italy, and Switzerland). Hike through distinct mountain passes, heavenly alpine meadows, and glacial valleys featuring some of Europe’s most impressive glaciers– truly a hiker’s dream come true!

The West Coast Trail (Canada)

Backpackers flock to Canada’s British Columbia for its laid-back aura and abundant nature. Its temperate rainforests capture the hearts of hikers from all over the world, and its diverse landscapes of high alpine peaks, glacier-fed waterfalls, centuries-old rainforests, and rugged coastline are beyond compare. In fact, Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail deservingly holds a spot among the world’s best hikes because of its incredible history, scenery, geologic features, and nature. The trail twists through white sandy beaches and climbs up rocky cliffs, and cuts through biodiverse rainforests. It also offers one of the most panoramic views in Canada and a great wildlife experience for hikers.

Trolltunga (Norway)

Norway’s Trolltunga is definitely a hike to add to your bucket list. Its scenic landscapes ending at the Troll’s tongue features a thin sliver of rock perfect for creative photographs to etch in your memory.

Although getting to Trolltunga is a little out of the way, the epic hike will surely be worth the drive.

GR 20 (France)

France’s GR 20 may hold one of the world’s shortest trail names, but it surely doesn’t disappoint! The famous trail’s northern part is mostly rocky with steep ups and downs, with spectacular scenery as a pay-off. Look down and marvel at turquoise lakes and granite moonscapes, and catch glimpses of the dramatic coastline through the towering spires is just priceless! And don’t get us started with its southern part’s gorgeous, vivid forests! Indeed, it’s a nature lover’s fairytale!

Machu Picchu-Inca Trail (Peru)

Not a fan of multi-day hikes? The one-day hike to Machu Picchu is a perfect alternative to its more popular four-day trek version! The short hike allows you to walk the last section of the famous Inca trail, which ends at the Sun Gate in the afternoon for some gorgeous first views of Machu Picchu. Hike through the Anes Mountains and visit Inca ruins along the way. You’ll also get the chance to climb ancient stone steps, walk through a rainforest, and view rainbows over the mountains! Indeed, it’s anything BUT uneventful!

Banff Highline Traverse (Canada)

The Banff Highline Traverse fuels the wanderlust of backpackers for its promised adventures among the peaks of the Rocky Mountains every year. The series of trails span across a large portion of Canada’s oldest National park and will provide hikers the best views of the country, as it leads to alpine plains, dense pine forests, and jagged peaks, dominating the scenery all the way through. Expect wildlife encounters in the backcountry. Deer, elk, moose, sheep, mountain goats, grizzly bears, and black bears are abundant in the area.

Dolomite High Route – Alta Via Uno (Italy)

Weave through the dramatic mountain range and experience the spectacular Alta Via Uno trek! The rugged trail takes hikers around impressive cliffs, cyan blue alpine lakes, gorgeous shady forests, and vast rolling pastures. The Dolomites are also considered the most charismatic natural beauties in Europe for their unique geology and insanely photogenic rock formations, so it’ll be an extra treat for those who dare try the challenging trail! Indeed, one of the world’s most beautiful hikes!

The Kesugi Ridge Trail (USA)

Explore the heart of the Alaskan wilderness with a spectacular hike at The Kesugi Ridge Trail! The trek features stunning panoramas of the Alaskan mountains, including Denali, the tallest mountain in North America. The famous trail leads along the side of Kesugi mountain, running through taiga forests at the lowest elevations and across the endless tundra with amazing views over the gigantic mountains and the stunning glaciers! Worth the trip, if you ask us!

The Enchantments (USA)

If The Enchantments still isn’t at the top of your list, then we’ll convince you otherwise! Its turquoise, emerald, and aquamarine alpine lakes scattered through the jagged, snow-capped mountain peaks open our eyes to the beauty of nature, while the wildflowers blooming along the trail’s edges gives a touch of softness to the sharp, masculine view. You’ll also chance upon mountain goats grazing on the grasses and the larches turning brilliant yellow in the fall months– a great way to complete the awesome scene!

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