10 Simple Wood Work Projects to Keep Your Weekends Busy

Are you crazy about D-I-Y projects? Well, it’s not surprising. DIY projects serve as a great way to spend more time with the family, especially if you spend most of your weekdays ‘living’ in the office. These projects also allow kids to feel ‘more involved,’ helping them learn new things and skills that may not be taught in schools. And let’s be honest here, we all know that having some helping hands could also make the ‘project’ run more smoothly, if not speed it up, too!

So, to pay homage to arts and crafts and the beauty of sustainable products, here are ten easy wood-work project ideas to keep you busy this chilly weekend! We’re sure these tailor-made projects will serve as a fun and easy activity, even for beginners!

Pallet Shelf

Are you looking for a functional wood project that can be done quickly but still look fabulous and have guests asking where you ‘bought’ it? A simple pallet shelf is not as complicated as you think, and it’ll cost nothing if you have already have a pallet and a circular saw!

Wooden Sofa Sleeve Cup Holder

Does your family love bingeing on TV series and hosting movie nights? A wooden sofa sleeve cup holder is a no-brainer kind of project that’ll fit your lifestyle perfectly! Literally, all you need are three pieces of wood and some nails to make this easy but functional product!

Wood Candle Holder

Bring a little Southern charm into your home and make gorgeous rustic candle holders you can put in different areas of your abode! You can also use horseshoes for the legs to bring your creativity and style up a notch!

Wooden Tablet/Cellphone Dock

You’ll be amazed at what people can do with a simple piece of wood. A thin block of wood with a carved slot for your tablet or cellphone can serve as a functional dock to accompany you while you work, surf the internet, or play your favorite tunes.

Simple Wood Boxes

Wood boxes are a great project for woodworking beginners. Building these functional storages will educate basic forms and engineering and give you the right knowledge to take on more complex projects in the future.

Bird House

We think it’s safe to say that majority of DIY-ers have had a chance to build a birdhouse one way or another, especially if you’ve been a boy scout back in the day! Build a birdhouse for your home and share a unique experience with your kids– and give little birds a nice place to chill too while you’re at it!

Wood Plank Wine Rack

Have you got an extra wood plank to spare? Make a wood plank wine rack you can use to display your wine bottles at home! Displaying bottles of your favorite wine has become a popular home art of its own. It’s actually a fun and creative way to make your home feel cozier and bring a little style to it too! The good news is making one is as simple as 1,2,3!

Wooden Doormat

Do you want to give your home a unique vibe and cozy vibe? Make yourself a wooden doormat! Not only is wood a sustainable material to use in any project, these wooden doormats are also one-of-a-kind and a great way to welcoming visitors into your home!

Rustic Bookends

Are you a big bookworm, especially on weekends and free-days? D-I-Y a fancy, rustic bookend for yourself! Some of the best projects don’t require accurate measurements and techniques, and bookends surely fit the bill!

Chopping Board/Serving Tray

Are you crazy about charcuterie boards or just need a new chopping board for the kitchen? Make a wooden chopping board-slash-serving tray and showcase your culinary creations! The project is truly the definition of easy– all you need are a table saw, sandpaper, and untreated hardwood! You can also make the board food-safe by using mineral oil that’s food grade!

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