Top 10 Most Picturesque National Parks in the World

The world is filled with natural wonders to behold, and though we may not be able to fulfill our yearning for travel these days, we can certainly dream and enjoy these stunning national parks and their landscapes virtually. And maybe, just maybe, we can layout those plans and finally get the chance to go–sooner than we expect (fingers crossed!).

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Most Picturesque National Parks in the world. These national parks run the full sweep, from their breathtaking natural landmarks down to their abundance of wildlife, giving you only the best of Mother Nature’s offerings!

Let’s uncover the preserved beauty of our natural environment– here ten of the most beautiful national parks the world wants you to see:

Voyageurs National Park

Travel to the far reaches of Northern Minnesota and find the watery wonderland that is Voyageurs National Park. The national park is almost exclusively accessible by boat, boasting pristine waters of vast lakes, a mosaic of islands, and a boreal forest, where you can get away from it all and listen to nothing but the sound of the distant calls of loons. Truly one of nature’s best-kept secrets.

White Sands National Park

Formerly a New Mexico National Monument, White Sands National Park is now a must-see full-fledged national park! The magical white sand desert is located in rural southern New Mexico and is ripe for exploration and discoveries. Although the park lacks developed campgrounds, you’re bound to a unique opportunity of backcountry camp (and a bonus of endless white dunes)!

Capitol Reef National Park

Find the natural wonders and true western adventure in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah’s well-loved high desert playground! Although Utah’s other parks may get more love, Capitol Reef provides visitors with plenty of developed recreational opportunities, campgrounds, lodging, and dining. Surely, a perfect destination for your next adventure.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Though quite unpopular, the Great Sand Dunes National Park may be one of the most spectacular national parks in the world! It is home to the tallest dunes in North America, the glorious Sangre de Cristo Mountains, evergreen and aspen forests, alpine lakes, and so much more! We’re honestly baffled why this place doesn’t get as many visitors as it should!

Glacier National Park

An old ringer in lists of top national parks, Glacier National Park has everything one could look for in a national park! Although it is nestled in a remote location in northwestern Montana and is known to have lower visitation when compared to its more famous peers, the park is well-worth planning an entire trip around no matter how far you’re coming from!

Grand Teton National Park

Are you looking to skip the throng of crowds and traffic at Yellowstone? Well then, head to its southern neighbor instead! Grand Teton, tagged as a park lovers’ national park, is famous for its iconic mountains, the Snake River, pristine lakes, awesome wildlife, and numerous developed roads and facilities. It’s surely a park that has it all!

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park may be thought of as a hybrid between Yosemite and Yellowstone, and rightfully so! With the park’s alpine lakes, forests, geysers, and mountains, plus its variety of campgrounds, recreational opportunities, and off-the-charts picturesque beauty, this national park is one to add to your list!

Mount Rainier National Park

Known as one of the crown jewels of the national park system, Mount Rainier National Park and its iconic mountain, surrounding forests, rivers, and lakes, should be a must-see to tick off your travel list! The park’s wildflowers in spring are some of the best displays of alpine wildflowers anywhere in the world, and its trails and streams in the summertime are perfect for hiking and exploring. And don’t get us started on its mountains during winter– truly a stunning backdrop for skiing and snowshoeing!

Arcadia National Park

Think the beautiful rocky coasts of Maine are all that Arcadia National Park has to offer? Its gorgeous hardwood forests and tranquil ponds sculpted by beavers are not one to miss, especially if you’re looking for an unforgettable hiking opportunity! In the fall season, the park comes alive with its trees turning to magnificent shades of red, yellow, and orange. Oh, Arcadia, your fantastic scenery and coastal New England charm are indeed unmatched!

Sequoia National Park

Walk amidst a grove of ‘giant beings’ and be transported to another world– Sequoia National Park boasts these giant relics of the past as it stands as monuments to the wonders of nature, unabated by human hands. Its underground Crystal Cave featuring streams and striking rock formations and its Moro Rock offering sweeping park views are also two other reasons not to miss a trip to the famed national park.

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