The World’s 10 Most Romantic Spots

Are you dreaming of a Valentine’s Day getaway? Yeah, we can’t blame you! Aside from the fact that most of us are itching to follow through with the vacay plans that have been sitting in our cupboards since who-knows-when (a.k.a COVID-19 pandemic), February is the time when love is evident in the air, and most couples plan for a romantic outing. So it’s not a surprise to find ourselves longing for a quick escape– after all, a year of being stuck with the kids 24/7 isn’t a walk in the park (oh, our parenting woes)!

Kidding aside, it WOULD be nice to travel to somewhere picturesque and intimate around this time of the year. But as non-essential travels are still discouraged, at least until herd immunity around the world is achieved through mass vaccination, we may have to keep our trips at a minimum for now.

Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. So, in an ode to Valentine’s Day, here are the world’s ten most romantic travel spots you can include in your itinerary once the pandemic is over. It’s going to be a highly-anticipated trip with your partner, so it’s only proper to choose the best destinations!


Paris, “The City of Love,” tops the list of romantic spots in the world, and frankly, it’s not a surprise! Although traveling to France isn’t allowed just yet, a chance to cruise over the Seine while indulging in wine and cheese and strolling by the Eiffel Tower during night time will still be a simple yet magical escapade almost every couple longs to experience!


Santorini’s iconic whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches serve as one of the most romantic destinations in Greece! Catch a sunset at Oia, do a hike at the Santorini Volcano, try the local food and fine wines, or sail around the island. This popular honeymoon spot offers so much fun and adventure that you’ll never want to go home!

Amalfi Coast

Imagine turquoise waters surrounding the cliffs as you cruise on a boat, driving around the coast. No, it’s not a dream– you’re on Amalfi Coast! Yes, this 50-kilometer stretch of coastline along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula is truly a sight to behold. Are you thinking of booking a trip to this lovers’ paradise? Make sure to try the limoncello liqueur, scialatielli ai Frutti di mar and their varieties of cheese!


Known as one of the most romantic travel destinations in Southeast Asia, Bali is, indeed, a couple’s sanctuary. Marvel at its pristine white sand beaches, lofty peaks, verdant rice fields, and clear, blue sea. Visit the temples of Ulun Danu and Tanah Lot, snorkel and dive across the island, and rent a scooter to explore the lush countryside. Drink in the beautiful setting and celebrate love at one of the world’s finest, Bali!


The Maldives isn’t new to a honeymooner’s list of dream destinations, and you shouldn’t leave it off your checklist too!

Known for its sparkling aquamarine waters, gorgeous beaches, and tall palm trees, tourists can try scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, or ride over islands via helicopter. Couples can also stay in a water bungalow and enjoy a candlelit dinner at the beach for a wonderful and intimate moment on the magical private island!


Are you looking for a relaxing and serene trip for two? Well then, Kyoto is your ideal destination! Ranking the list of the world’s most romantic places, Kyoto is all about nature, stunning architecture, ancient temples, and impressive shrines, promoting tranquility and harmony that’s visited by millions annually. Experience its true beauty as the cherry blossom trees start to bloom and cover the city in a light pink hue– and enjoy Mother Nature, first-class!


Prague may not be most couples’ top choice for a romantic destination, but The City of a Hundred Spires surely loves like no other! Enjoy a unique experience of kissing under the blooming cherry trees on Petřín Hill, take a walk across Charles Bridge to admire the Prague Astronomical Clock, or tour the Old Town in a horse-drawn carriage. Indulge in romance in Prague and etch an unforgettable trip in your hearts!


Make your fairytale dreams come to life at Bruges! Feel enchanted by the city’s cobblestone pathways and beautiful canals– one of Bruges’ notable experiences include crossing the Minnewater Bridge over Lake of Love, which they say strengthens a couple’s relationship (well, that’s what the legend says!). Tourists can also share some Belgian beer and chocolate, stroll through the cobbled streets, and cruise the canal on a boat.


Ah, Barcelona! Its brilliant Gaudi wonders, vibrant culinary scene, and balmy weather make for one romantic destination sought after in all of Western Europe. Couples shouldn’t miss sailing, wine tours, and the city’s gorgeous attractions, including the Chocolate Museum, Magical Fountain, La Boqueria, and La Rambla!


If you’re looking to travel soon but don’t want to risk going overseas, then Hawaii is the place to be! One of the last states to join the country, Hawaii has numerous vacation hotspots and the most popular of which is Honolulu!

Enjoy tons of experiences and attractions– the island city offers pristine beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling, underwater scooter rides, and the famous Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. The best thing about it is, you don’t even have to leave the USA!

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